unique bread

I want to explain this as unique bread, but really this is being marketed as “dong baang” or poo bread. The first time I came to Korea, I climbed to Namsan Tower. This time, I was greeted by a good friend with a sense of humor  and we had 똥빵, a new take on a traditional Korean treat. I had heard about this on a youtube clip and the news clip was translated as saying “the bread has a unique and interesting shape” but in Korean they said “it is shaped like poo”. This is really 붕어빵, or a pancake like bread filled with sweet red beans transformed into a hillarious shape and a shape the reminds people of student health exams. It’s like in the U.S. when students have lice exams, but bringing in your own “sample” of you know what apparently was much more humilating and hillarious twenty years ago. The bag that it is served in resembles the brown bags used at the time.  I hope you can get a laugh. Be sure that if you want a pile of three then you should go to Insadong (Anguk, Line 3).

Here’s an article about varieties of 붕어빵 in Korea. http://travel.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/01/13/2010011301139.html

I think I laughed so hard that I attracted other customers.  Other varieties are filled with chocolate or chunky peanut butter.