When I thought about how to afford to study in Korea, I really disliked (well, hated) the idea of teaching English. I want to immerse myself in the language and my surroundings, not be subject to speaking my native language.  I think language is a key component to allowing us to participate in society, and speaking English would just push me away from this goal.  I am fortunate to have received some support from G.O.A.L.  (Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link) and INKAS (International Korean Adoptee Service).  They provide scholarships for several schools, in addition to information on temporary housing.

INKAS has a house called Woori Jib 우리 집 and I just found out that it only costs 200,000 KRW per month with a 300,000 KRW deposit fee and a minimum 3 month stay.  The accommodations seem more like a hostel, but it seems quite cheap.  I also received some advice from the Korean Adoptees of Hawaii (KAHI) and learned about KoRoot which provides low cost housing for 10,000KRW per day (around $10 USD) with a maximum stay of one month (but I think this is flexible). On a sidenote, this just so happens to also be the organization that recently supported the documentary Resilience by Tammy Chu.  These are relatively good deals, when housing (at least in ’07) for foreigners requires a 10,000USD key money deposit and 500,000 KRW monthly fee.  It seems that for Korean adoptees, while there are limited scholarship opportunities they are still rather generous. I think these opportunities have really grown since 2007 and it shows that many more Korean adoptees are traveling back to Korea. I think these organizations are worth the membership fees and I would definitely recommend joining if you plan to be in Korea and use these resources wisely.

G.O.A.L.  (Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link) http://goal.or.kr/eng/

INKAS (International Korean Adoptee Service)http://www.inkas.or.kr/

Also, consider looking into KoRoot www.koroot.org