Unfortunately the schools here do not teach rhythm or intonation. Sometimes they teach pronunciation, but for the most part you are left to learning this on your own.  I know that a lot of people can understand what I am saying, so they don’t bother to correct it. However, I am uncomfortable with my pronunciation and feel that it hinders my abilities to communite more effectively.  Luckily I met someone yesterday who happens to be training to become an announcer.  This involves special speech training and so I began searching for how I can practice.

1. Hold a pencil in between your teeth.

2. Practice tongue twisters:

~내가 그린 기린 그림은 목이 긴 기린 그림인가 목이 안긴 기린 그림인가? 네가 그린 기린 그림은 못 그린 기린 그림이고 내가 그린 기린 그림은 잘 그린 기린 그림이다.

~경찰청 철창살은 외철창살이냐 쌍철창살이냐?

~간장 공장 공장장은 장 공장장이고 된장 공장 공장장은  강 공장장이다.

3. Practice listening to native speaker.

Found this website that offers recordings and scripts. You can practice and record yourself. http://rhinospike.com/

I think the most effective thing is by practicing and recording yourself as much as possible. Repeat the recording and notice the subtle differences. Try to start with a word at first, and then expand to sentences following the speaker/recording. I hope this helps!