So I just became aware that you if you have an alien registration ID you can sign up for SBS, KBS, and MBC. However, after trying unsuccessfully several times I gave up for the time being. If anyone out there knows how to do this, please let me know!


In the meantime, if you weren’t sure where to find Korean dramas you should be following these sites:  Links are often broken but they carry a lot of dramas and list what is the most popular. It’s a good place to start. I like this site because you can click play and pause and let the clips buffer in just one page. Be careful when typing the name of this site because a lot of people made blogs with the same name. Seems to be a bit faster than mysoju.

(US only) If you are in the States, this is a great site and it started carrying Korean dramas for free with its partner dramafever. In the past dramafever had a fee so I never signed up. (But I just checked their site and they seem to have changed a bit.)

Also, if you are watching I think a great site is because the bloggers deconstruct all the Korean dramas in a comedic way. Also if you missed a part or were confused then it is good to catch up on that site.


Some shows that were pretty popular: Iris (action), Boys Over Flowers (remake of Japanese cartoon), My Lovely Samsoon (old but Daniel Henney’s first appearance), Secret Garden (very popular these days), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (I liked this one. Good mix of Confucius Sungkyunkwan school in the Chosun Period with a new modern twist). Also, I liked King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu and Pasta (dramas about food!). On my way to watching 49 Days.

Other programs I think are good right now are: MBC’s 아나운서 신입사원 (“New Announcer Hiree”) I think it is good for listening to mini presentations and good pronunciations since all want to become an announcer. Also, I enjoy watching 동물농장(Animal Farm) because it shows cute animals and almost all the text is written and can be followed.