In case you are in Seoul and interested in the social welfare issues facing single mothers, please consider supporting TRACK’s donation drive this month (before May 5th)!  I’m being lazy and reposting their blog post, but please see their website or feel free to write a comment if you need more info! On the site, you will see about 50 families listed and you can choose which family you would like to support. Please pass this information along if you are interested! Many mothers are under 30 years of age and need to buy basic necessities like books and diapers for their children. Please give them your support.

Many people have become interested in the connection between international adoption from Korea and unwed moms, since 90% of babies sent for international adoption these days are born to unwed moms. Moms are not bad people just because they are not married; they should have the same opportunities to raise their child just like any other mom. Instead, their children are systematically sent for adoption.

Are you wondering how can you personally make a difference?

In cooperation with the unwed mothers’ group in Seoul (KUMFA aka”Miss Mamma Mia”), TRACK is again organizing a gift drive so single moms’ families can directly feel the warmth and encouragement of people such as you. This time, we will present the gifts during our celebrations for the 1st Single Moms’ Day in Korea on May 11 in front of Kyobo Bookstore (the Barnes and Noble of Korea). By giving small, personal gifts to single moms and their children, we encourage the single moms’ movement to grow in Korea, and the families can enjoy something extra that they otherwise would not be able to have. Many single moms live in shelters and have fallen below the poverty line and cannot buy anything but the bare necessities.