Wow, after hearing a small child giggle at me say good bye (안녕히 계세요) I wondered what I could be saying wrong. All my years of training and I sound like a foreigner. Oh, my! Then I realized… the 쌍 ㄴ (double  ㄴ, in english what would be double ‘n’s) difficulty.  Such a simple word and such a problem word. So, while I may be on my way to level 4-5 I am still struggling with some small, but major pronunciation issues. Here is a list of words and their associated sound.

“ㄹ” Sound

압력                                          [암녁]

건강관리를 할 수 없습니다            [괄리]

들어요                                       [드러요]  R sound

들러요                                       [들러요] L


당시 혼란스러운 정치환경            [홀란스러운]

살림이 궁필하고                          [살림] 살림 housekeeping

영향력을 몰아내고                       [몰라내고] 몰아내고
drive out

결론적으로                                 [결론]


3배가 되고 있습니다                    [세배]

3성회의                                     [삼]

(.=쩜; %=프로)                   [삼십칠 쩜 일 프로]


많이 달랐습니다                          [달라]

연구에 따르면                             [따]

급격히 떨어진다                          [떨]

상태이기 때문에                          [때]

말살                                          [쌀]

초점으로 한                                [초쩜] 초점 focus point 두다

안녕하세요                                  [ㄴ/ㄴ]focus on nn sound

만나요                                           [만나]focus on nn sound

많아요                                   [마나요]