So I have given up facebook for one week to study for my exams. I found that I actually have a lot more time than I thought. (Was I really on it that much?)  Well today, I found that Yahoo Korea is really great for learning vocabulary 외출준비 (外出 getting read to go out) or 구멍가게 (mom and pop store, literally this can be considered “hole in the wall” but Naver dictionary doesn’t translate it that way). Anyways, have fun exploring:

야후! 꾸러기 (playful) 유아 (child)

***과학/수학 I recommend this part of the site* It talks about science/math concepts, but you can read the script and watch pictures. It is simple but a great way to learn more in Korean.

I liked the first one entitled “요술쟁이” the magician. It discusses the three stages of water 액체 (liquid), 고체 (solid), 기체 (gas) which must mean be hanja-related, right? 體 체 means “body” 몸체.  기 (전기, 공기, 배기) means air氣. nifty, right? Hope you can find this useful!


Also, I highly recommend this site It has lessons that go from grades 1-6 and they describe words in Korean with lessons and dialogue. Good practice;)

*note: interestingly, the name of this site 꾸러기 means lot of things. 장난꾸러기 means mischief maker, while ~꾸러기 as a suffix means “overindulger” (잠꾸러기 sleepyhead). I think the title just means playful in this case. generally calling a kid 장난꾸러기 is not a bad thing.