I am kind of fed up with the lack of resources for intermediate learners of Korean. The Korean classroom tends to teach very formal Korean which usually means I feel more comfortable talking about Korean food than I do my own feelings or opinions. I guess that means I wasn’t looking hard enough for resources. It shouldn’t be this hard, but it really is hard to find enough reading material where I can easily practice. I think these are good, albeit limited resources. I will post the Study Korean Net resources that I can find here too, since navigating the site is a pain.




I just discovered this site (http://study.korean.net/) and I highly recommend checking it out. It is a bit weird in the set up but once you register you can go to these two sections

한국어> 성인  You can listen to conversations and download the scripts. Also you can download theme-related content (humanities, science, etc.)

한국 문화 You can watch comics or dramas (I recommend this part for the script because it is actual drama, not cheesy and made up for language learners).


A second site I recommend is: http://world.kbs.co.kr/korean/#   While most radio programs require an id and careful navigation through their site (in Korean), you can listen for free here. Unfortunately, unlike the English version, they don’t have a slow Korean radio program but I think it is good and accessible.



www.learnkorean.com  can you believe it? A site that offers hanja. There aren’t that many with this collection so I am putting it here and I will hopefully build a small section someday with hanja.