Have you ever noticed that Korean actually looks different when it is spoken? I found one site that asked if Korean people have a lisp.  I also heard one person say that Korean sounds nasally.  Is this all true? I have no exact proof but when I watch tv I noticed that Koreans mouths are more flat and their tongues stay flatter which creates a sound that is less tonal than English.  When we speak English we have problems saying ㄹ because it is mixed between an R/L.  Now say the word “engrish”. It might be something you have been laughing about, but actually say it  because that is the placement for ㄹ. When I first started Korean I studied at SNU and I used this website to learn the basic vowels. I practiced this nearly every day and it dramatically improved not only my pronunication but my mouth position when speaking Korean.  Give it a try:

SNU’s CLICK KOREAN Site> http://lei.snu.ac.kr/site/click-korean/I_KOR_01/intro.html


Directions to navigate:  On the left hand task bar click Vowels>”Notes” and then choose a letter. A screen will appear for how to write the letter, but on the right of that another screen will show the lip movements. You can notice that the ends of the speakers lips do not go back like they do when we speak English. Practice this position and you will improve.