Totally ripped this image off someone else’s blog. What is this you ask? It is like a chocolate teletubby and they represent these delicious little stick-like crackers covered in chocolate, strawberry, and sometimes even coated with nuts.  I just learned this word 빼빼말랐다 and I couldn’t understand why the ajumma kept talking about her early years and her body being 빼빼 마르다. Now I understand…just like these sticks, she was “stick-thin”. You can look foward to “Thin Day” or  빼빼로날 which is a marketing tactic by this company to celebrate “singledom” this November 11th, or as my friend is calling it, “Super Peppero Day” because it will be 2011.11.11. I guess when it was the first, it was 2011.11.1 and I realized there are probably a lot of weddings. In any case, these cookies may be stick thin but a warning that they may have the reverse outcome on you.  Enjoy 빼빼로날 and try using this new word~! Cheers.