Any blogs, documentaries, and suggested reads.

Vocabulary Websites

Verb conjugator

Commonly used words for Koreans grades 5-12

Yahoo! for Kids (great for various everyday vocabulary and mini-lessons)
Speaking Resources

Clips of native speakers. You can submit anything to be read and recorded bya  native speaker. There is also about 300-400 clips on the site.

Drama Resources this has become my favorite site for watching dramas. stream all clips on one page (saves loading time) usually faster than mysoju. streams videos in 5 parts view videos with or without subtitles read recaps and deconstructed summaries

Recent Dramas that I liked and would recommend:

Best Love (aka Greatest Love) 최고의 사랑 cute and cheesy, and on par with Pasta quick paced and easy to understand

49 Days 49일: in the beginning it had poor reviews but its last two episodes ranked #3, tear jerker and interesting in plot

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 성균관 스캔덜: mixed with modern and Chosun dynasty life, lots of hanja and teen drama

Kim Tak Goo, King of Baking 김탁구 빵왕: totally loved this drama, great 할아버지 and good script (you can even buy a bread line named after this)

Living & Housing


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